Cerro Pelado Fire At 45,394 Acres And 19 Percent Containment Friday Morning


The Cerro Pelado Fire had burned 45,394 acres as of Friday morning and containment has jumped to 19 percent.

Great Basin Team #1 PIO Mary Cernicek updated the Los Alamos Reporter at 7:30 a.m. Friday.

The night crew worked on Road 280 which is still being used as the primary road for stopping the fire and hot shot crews will be reinforcing it again today. There are hot spots in the bottom of Alamo Canyon and so today a crew will go in there with aircraft support overhead.

‘Fire managers are definitely seeing that our whole northeast portion of the fire as it burns into the old Las Conchas Fire area, the fuel is more sparse. They are predicting that again today as they work on that area,” Cernicek said.

On the south side of the fire, the rocky terrain has reduced the intensity of the fire, she said.