Ballot Drop-Off Boxes

Los Alamos

 I would like our county to improve election security by getting rid of vulnerable and  unnecessary ballot drop boxes. Over the weekend I watched Dinesh D’Souza’s  film “2000 Mules” which presented indisputable evidence of massive ballot stuffing  during the 2020 election. 

The film highlights the investigative work done by the non-partisan group, TrueTheVote,  who used cellphone tracking and video surveillance that shows extensive unlawful  gathering and delivering of thousands of absentee ballots in real time by paid ‘mules’. I was shocked and angered by what I saw, as I think any American would be no matter  what their political party. I urge all citizens of our county to watch this film. And then ask  yourself this question: “Are we inviting the potential for election fraud in our county with  these unnecessary ballot drop boxes?