County Remains In ‘Set’: No Evacuations But Citizens Asked To Prepare


Due to the Cerro Pelado fire, Los Alamos County (both townsite and White Rock) moved to the “set” phase of the “ready, set, go” program as of 8 a.m. Monday, May 9. The County moved to maximum telework and closed non-essential facilities such as libraries.  

County officials clarify that there is no immediate emergency; however, citizens should stay informed, review their evacuation plans, prepare a “go bag,” and solidify a communication plan with area evacuation and contact information.

While creating an evacuation plan and preparing a “go bag,” Emergency Manager Beverley Simpson advises citizens to remember the six “P’s”:

· People and pets

· Papers, phone numbers, passports and essential documents

· Prescriptions, vitamins and eyeglasses

· Pictures and irreplaceable memorabilia

· Personal computer, hard drives, phones and chargers

· “Plastic” (credit cards, ATM cards) and cash.  

She indicates that some individuals may need to initiate evacuation plans sooner than later. For example, residents with horses or other large animals should begin to evacuate these animals now. In addition, individuals who have mobility issues and require ambulance transport or require additional assistance due to special needs should consider evacuating now.  In order to use the County’s federally funded transit buses to assist such individuals, a pre-evacuation order is required by the FTA.  Accordingly, this order was authorized by the Acting Council Chair on May 8, 2022. 

Assistance request forms, frequently asked questions and fire resource information are available on the County webpage  The resource list includes information on shelter locations, evacuating animals, vehicle parking, RV parking and storage that are available now, unless otherwise stated.  

Simpson recommends individuals stay informed by following local media and sign up for emergency notifications through the County’s emergency alert system by texting LOSALAMOS to 99411 or visiting  Individuals requiring assistance can call CodeRed directly at 1-866-939-0911. 

IF the County does move to the “go” phase, officials anticipate that they would require only residents from the townsite to evacuate. At this point, the White Rock area does not appear to be in the path of the fire and would remain in the “set” phase; however, White Rock residents should still be prepared in the event that circumstances change.