County Asks Community To Stop Outdoor Water Use Until Los Alamos Is No Longer Threatened By Cerro Pelado Fire


Officials from the Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities (DPU) are asking residents and businesses to stop outdoor water use until Los Alamos is no longer threatened by the Cerro Pelado Fire.

Residents should stop outdoor watering while in the Set phase of evacuation preparedness because outdoor watering negatively impacts pressure in the County’s water distribution system. While the fire is not within the boundaries of that distribution system, water tanker trucks are currently being used to truck water closer to firefighting efforts.  Residents are also urged to refrain from leaving sprinklers and hoses running upon evacuation in the hopes of protecting their own properties.

There is no need to curtail indoor water use at this time. County Parks Division crews will continue to water parks and fields using reclaimed water, which is distributed through a separate system than the potable water used by firefighters.