‘Here Comes The Sun’ Exhibit At Village Arts Gives Back

Sunflower: Artist: Kathi Geoffrion Parker, Watercolor Painting. Photo Courtesy Village Arts

Erin’s Sunflower: Artist: Erin Goken, Photograph. Photo Courtesy Village Arts

Village Arts

Artwork keeps arriving at the “Here Comes the Sun” show at Village Arts, and Village Arts staff has decided to award a gift certificate to the most popular piece, so stop in and vote for your favorite work!  

Some 39 pieces are now on display supporting local and international charities with some artists donating their entire proceeds to worthy causes including UNICEF, The Nature Conservancy, Heart to Heart International, World Vision, Family Strengths Network, and Global Giving.  Kathi Geoffrion Parker is one such local artist, who is donating an early painting that was returned to her after the passing of the original purchaser.  Kathi remembers the original owner, Geneah Rickman, a long time teacher at Pueblo school. 

“Though I went to Cumbres, she was always a friendly face in town, a happy soul who beamed when she bought my painting. A very good day for both of us!” Geoffrion Parker said.

When submitting her piece, photographer Erin Goken, said “I’ve been taking pictures to stay engaged in life. To keep my wonder.”  Village Arts hopes each piece in the show elicits those same feelings in everyone who walks in to participate in the viewer’s choice, and hopes that viewers will support these artists and their causes.  Village Arts is located at 216 DP Road and is open from 9 AM-4 PM M-F and 10-4 Sat.