County: Not All Heroes Are In Uniform


In the afternoon of May 2, 2022 fire crews from Los Alamos Fire Department (LAFD) Station 3 responded to a fire call of an outdoor fire near Beryl Street in White Rock. When crews arrived, the fire was out. The crews and fire investigators on scene quickly learned what happened.  

The Good Samaritan who called in the fire was passing by and saw a fire in someone’s backyard. It was coming from underneath a trailer. They acted quickly, attached a hose to the house spigot, and extinguished the fire. They then notified the fire department via 9-1-1. Investigators on scene report that a metal piece located underneath the trailer was sitting at just the right angle and it heated up from sitting in the sun and was hot enough to ignite surrounding dry vegetation.  

The Los Alamos Fire Department would like to thank this anonymous hero whose quick action adverted a fire start, as fire danger rating is very high for Los Alamos County.