Council Should Support Small Businesses And Residents

Republican Candidate for
Los Alamos County Council

The current Los Alamos County Council is not putting residents and businesses first. Small  businesses are vital to the quality of life in our community. Council should support local  entrepreneurs by taking a supportive and encouraging approach to help them thrive while still  upholding its responsibility for building and public safety.  

The recent decision and supporting comments by Judge Lidyard in the Sirphey case shows  Council’s failure in dealing with this local business. The Judge harshly rebuked the County’s  oversight, appeals process, and decision-making in this case. The result of Council’s  mismanagement will now require the taxpayers to pay the cost of unnecessary litigation.  

Councilor Reagor’s lone decision to oppose the Board of Appeals conclusions was the right one  in this matter.  

The Council failed at all levels and as a result, it has harmed a small business and now you must  pay for it.