LA Cares Needs A Few Good Men…And Women!

Bags of food ready to give out on the porch at Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church on North Road. Courtesy photo

for LA Cares

LA Cares is the food pantry for Los Alamos County.  We serve around 60 families per month, about half of them needing delivery for a variety of reasons.  Our cadre of delivery drivers is shrinking and the need is growing, so we would like to add a few more people to help.  Our distribution is held the second Friday of the month and the Thursday preceding it (May 12 and 13 coming up).  We prepare the delivery boxes for Friday morning and try to group them in neighborhoods so there’s not too much driving. Delivery drivers need to come to Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church on North Road around 9:30 am on the Friday morning (May 13) to get the groceries and list of addresses.  It can take an hour or two to complete the deliveries. Boxes can be heavy and some houses have many steps outside, so it is preferable that our drivers can lift heavy boxes and carry them a short distance. A delivery driver would bring the groceries to the client’s door, and the client would then take them inside.

If you have a couple of hours once a month, a large vehicle, and a strong back, WE NEED YOU!!  Please call LA Cares at 505-661-8015, leave a message and we will contact you.

Another opportunity to help is on the Wednesday preceding distribution, May 11, coming up.  We transfer cases canned goods from storage to Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church from 10 am. to noon or so. A pick-up truck and a strong back are recommended for this. Again, it’s only once a month for a couple of hours. Please call LA Cares at 505-661-8015, leave a message and our volunteer coordinator will contact you.