Los Alamos STEAM Lab Has Open Spots For Summer Activities


The Los Alamos STEAM Lab has lots of activities coming up this summer and there are still some spots open in their summer camps.

Summer Camp

First, we have our summer camps which are starting to fill up. If you need a scholarship or to reserve a spot, now is the time to tell me so we know we have room for you.



If there is enough interest, we’d like to continue our affordable tutoring program over the summer. Please let us know if you are interested so we can start planning around your schedule.


Coding Club and World Robot Olympiad

We’d like to continue our coding club one morning a week over the summer. We’re currently working on scheduling this, so again, let us know if you are interested.

We’re also working on mentoring a few World Robot Olympiad teams this summer. This is similar to US First Lego League, but with smaller teams and no research portion. We’re having an info session on Sunday, May 1st at 12:30. Sign up here: https://lasteamlab.com/shop/world-robotics-olympiad-exploratory-session/

American Sign Language

We’re planning an all ages ASL class this summer. This won’t be baby sign, but rather a full-fledged language class encompassing grammar and nuance. Let us know if you’d like to be kept up to date on this class.

Toddler and PreK Playtime

We’re currently hosting toddler playtime. We plan on continuing that through summer and expanding it to include 3 and 4yos as well.

Next Fall

We also have our after school programming set up for next fall for those who really like to plan ahead. https://lasteamlab.com/shop/steam-lab-after-school-2022/