Triad Seeks Up To 160,000 Square Feet Of Warehouse Space Within 125 Miles Of LANL Main Gate


Triad National Security, the management and operating contractor of Los Alamos National Laboratory, seeks up to 160,000 square feet of warehouse space within 125 miles of its main gate. The space is for the storage and distribution of general supplies. No hazardous materials will be stored there.

Proposals may be for warehouse space smaller than 160,000 square feet, but 10,000 contiguous square feet is the minimum. Based on proposals received, the Laboratory may lease one large property or several smaller ones.

As the Laboratory expands its operations and refurbishes infrastructure and buildings, it needs more storage space. Los Alamos anticipates that the new warehouse or warehouses will reduce congestion and increase safety on the truck route to the Laboratory entrance. The Laboratory also envisions a future where supplies are distributed across the 40-square-mile campus using its fleet of electric vehicles.

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