Summer Camps And Classes Offered For Middle School and High School


Summer Camp Classes and Workshops for Middle School and High School:
We had several teachers, local artists, and local authors etc., step up to fill the gap for
MS and HS students with summer workshops. This year, we have included these as
part of Summer Camp but due to overwhelming requests, next year they will be a
completely separate summer program! Here’s a breakdown with brief titles of what is
offered so you can easily find them on our Eventbrite page.


Week 1:
● Pride Themed Class with David Daniel, this is a full day class where students will
explore their Pride in a variety of media.This will include a lot of different ideas
and art forms for our LGBTQ youth leading into Pride Week.

Week 2:
● Science Fiction Fantasy writing for beginners w/David Daniel
● Worldbuilding w/David Daniel

Week 3
● Find Your Voice w/ Cat Ozment (focus on honing our voice in our writing)
● Story Anatomy w/ Cat Ozment (advanced focus on story structure using folk and
fairy tales)

Week 4
● Writing for Comics w/ David Daniel

Week 6
● Poetry Class w/Jemez Artist Benjamin Green

Week 7
● Writer’s Superpowers w/ Cat Ozment (great class for kids who are interested in
how to use observation to enhance their writing using a variety of techniques
● Exquisite Corpse Project w/ Cat Ozment based on the surrealists movement of
the similar name

Week 8
● Poetry with Jemez artist Benjamin Green
Acting: (please visit the Los Alamos Teen Center about Acting programs this summer for their Los Alamos Youth Film Intensive Program

Visual Arts:

Week 1
● Art outside the Box (MS) w/ Aralia Rose, geared towards moving students
towards better portfolio building projects as they move from grade level to grade
● Art Outside the Box (HS) w/Aralia Rose geared towards moving students towards
better portfolio building projects as they move from grade level to grade level

Week 2
● Henna Designs w/ Heather Beemer

Week 6
● Blockprinting for MS and HS with Aralia Rose (two different sessions, AM/PM)
● Local Middle School Teacher, Elizabeth Fisher, will teach a visual arts class for

Week 8
● Cardboard Battle Royale with Jacob Spill


Week 2
● World Building in table top and RPGs w/David Daniel, also good for writers.

Week 4
● Intro to Trading Cards w/ David Daniel

Week 5
● Intro to Game Mastery with David Daniel
● Intro to DnD w/ David Daniel

Week 9
● Custom Set Design for Magic the Gathering w/David Daniel
● Advanced DnD with David Daniel (A campaign for experienced players!

If you’re taking another DnD with David this summer, sign up for this capstone class!)
I hope this is helpful and thank you for choosing FLAC for your teen summer camp workshops!