Barranca Mesa Elementary School Fourth Graders Perform The Sea Animal Play

Barranca Mesa Elementary School fourth grade students participate in the Sea Animal play. Photo Courtesy LAPS


Fourth grade students at Barranca Mesa Elementary School recently performed the Sea Animal play for other students. This puppet performance featured animal facts, jokes and a lot of fun.

Fourth grade teacher Aleandra Holcomb said, “I’ve always wanted to do a performance with my class, and the Sea Animal Play was the perfect opportunity.” 

According to Ms. Holcomb, “The idea comes from a fourth grade teacher in Montana, Mr. Cech. I completed my student teaching with him and the Sea Animal Play was one of our big projects. Since I teach English Language Arts to the whole fourth grade, all fourth graders at Barranca were able to have a role.”

Students chose their own sea animals and then collected research. Last month, the students performed the play that they had written to include each animal.  The students created sock puppets of their animals and shared facts and jokes with the audience.

Some of the students who participated, along with their puppets, include Aden Purdy, hammerhead shark; Joslynn Romero, tiger shark; Lillian Meierdierks, Dumbo octopus; and Natalia Siranosian, spinner dolphin. Quinn Zollinger made a seahorse, and Joshua McLaughlin created a sea turtle puppet.

“I was completely blown away with their performances,” said Librarian Erin Manzanares. “They did a fantastic job. Their scripts, research, delivery, puppets! All of it! What an awesome way to share their learning. I loved watching the audience get so involved too!”