Todd Nickols Appointed Executive Director Of Los Alamos Historical Society

Todd Nickols has been named the new Executive Director of the Los Alamos Historical Society. Photo Courtesy LAHS


Todd Nickols has been promoted to the position of Executive Director of Los Alamos Historical Society (LAHS). He has been the Society’s Museum Shop Manager/Volunteer Coordinator since 2016. 

In announcing his selection to lead the organization, LAHS Board of Directors President Cherie Trottier said, “Todd has a broad background of experiences that he brings to the historical society, and he has a great understanding of the other LAHS departments. He is committed to working with a collaborative style of leadership. The Board is excited to work with Todd, creating new history.”

Nickols brings a wealth of leadership experience to his new position. Prior to his tenure at the History Museum, he managed Bandelier Trading Company, where he supervised staff, handled all financial and marketing activities, authored or co-authored policies and procedures, environmental management and training manuals, and was insurance lead for the Las Conchas fire. He participated in Federal National Park Service processes and initiatives and was a liaison to and steward of Bandelier National Monument. He served at Bandelier for 8 years. 

As he finishes his orientation period, Nickols said he looks forward to assuming the reins at LAHS on April 23, following the departure of Elizabeth Martineau. 

“I’m extremely grateful to continue working with this group of fabulous people. Each one is accomplished, dedicated to our mission and vision, and they are just plain fun to work with. I look forward with great expectation to achieving our immediate and long-term goals as a cohesive team.”