County: Don’t Fall For Utilities Rebate Scam


Customers have reported receiving scam phone calls from individuals stating they work for the Department of Public Utilities and offering a rebate program and discount on your next six utility bills. The caller is asking for you to confirm your information and to call a 1-800 number. DPU does not offer a rebate program or discounts on utility services. 

 DPU officials urge utility customers to exercise caution when answering calls from unknown callers. Don’t provide personal information such as social security numbers, account numbers or credit card numbers over the phone. Anyone who is unsure of the legitimacy of a phone call requesting utility payments should hang up and contact the Customer Care Center at (505) 662-8333. 

 “Department of Public Utilities representatives will never request for our customers to contact any entity with a 1-800 number. All information can be verified through our office and Customer Care Representatives already have customer information prior to contact.” said Heather Garcia, Deputy Utilities Manager. “While we do not offer rebate or discount programs, Customer Care Representatives have a variety of options for assistance with utility bills. For more information on these programs please contact the Customer Care Center” or visit