Local And Regional Employees Of Financial Institutions Attend Training On Bank Robberies

Employees of local and regional financial institutions attend a training session on bank robberies. Photo Courtesy LAPD

LAPD Det. Matt Lyon, left, and Sgt. Chris Ross present training on bank robberies Wednesday. Photo Courtesy LAPD


On Wednesday, April 13, officers from the Los Alamos Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigations conducted training for several local and regional financial institutions at Century Bank.  Most of the financial institutions that attended the meeting have branches in other communities in the area.  In late February, the presentation was requested by Century Bank Manager Karen Easton because of the rise of bank robberies in the area.  

FBI Special Agent Bomb Technician Sam Hartman provided data and trends of bank robberies that the FBI has investigated in recent months and years.  According to Easton, “While the online training we receive provides good information, having an interactive training is much more impactful.  With the uptick in robberies this year, the information you shared is timely.”  The presentation about bank robberies sparked great dialogue amongst the attendees and law enforcement officials.    

The presentation also incorporated information about protecting yourself from an active shooter situation.  Det. Matt Lyon and Sgt. Chris Ross from Los Alamos Police Department delivered the active shooter portion of the presentation.  The presentation about active shooter situations focuses on preparedness at work and in life; because data indicates that an incident of this type can occur anywhere, we frequent.  

If any other organization is interested in similar presentations, please contact LAPD Community Liaison Sgt. Chris Ross at (505) 662-8222.