Kiwanian Yasmin Acosta Briefs Club On Opening Of Her New Gift Store

Kiwanian Yasmin Acosta, owner of Yas’ Elevated Jewelry & Gifts speaks to Kiwanis Club members at their April 5 meeting. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Kiwanis Club

On April 5, Yasmin Acosta, a new member of Kiwanis, spoke to the Kiwanis Club about her businesses and her plans. She has founded a brand-new gift store called Yas’ Elevated Jewelry & Gifts at 107 Central Park Square in Los Alamos and continues to operate UPEX, the business next door.

Acosta is a Los Alamos native. She and her husband Marcos attended Los Alamos High School and they are raising their son here. For some time, Yasmin had worked at Bennett’s Fine Jewelry. Many people were shocked and saddened when the Bennetts closed their store and are now delighted that Acosta has established a gift store in the same location.

Acosta said she is “really excited” about her elegant new store, which carries a variety of interesting new items as well as many of those that Bennett’s one offered. The store will offer jewelry, special-order items, watches (and watch repairs), framed art photos, Nambe, and services ranging from poster printing to shipping. She plans to feature local artists in the store as well.

She said that the transition went well but is keeping her very busy, as she is continuing to run UPEX as well.