Local Ski Racers Compete In Junior Ski Challenge At Taos Ski Valley

Ian McLean, right, airs the first jump in a head-to-head super slalom race at the Junior Ski Challenge on Friday April 8. Photo by Michelle Mosby


Los Alamos youth ski racers were invited to race on the World Pro Ski Tour (WPST) dual super slalom course on Friday April 8 at the Junior Ski Challenge.  Taos Ski Valley hosted the Junior Ski Challenge as part of the WPST event from April 8-10. Los Alamos youth racers had the opportunity to meet and inspect the race courses with Olympic athletes such as Paula Moltzan, River Radamus, Erik Read, Robert Cone, and Simon Breitfuss-Kammerlander. Y PAULA

Oliver Mosby, left, inspects the dual super slalom course with instruction from Simon Breitfuss-Kammerlander of Bolivia. Photo by Michelle Mosby

Competitors from Los Alamos included Ian McLean and Sasho McDowell (Los Alamos Middle School), Emma Mosby and Oliver Mosby (Barranca Mesa Elementary School), and Alice Nam and Cullen McLean (Mountain Elementary School).

Youth competitors between the ages of 8-17 raced on both the red and blue courses in a heated head-to-head dual super slalom event. Prior to racing, athletes inspected the courses with professional athletes who advised youth competitors about the use of start gates and how to best navigate the three mandatory course jumps.  This is new terrain for veteran youth slalom competitors.

Oliver Mosby crushing the dual slalom race course. Photo courtesy byMichelle Mosby.

Sasho McDowell keeping a tight line on the race course.  Photo by Michelle Mosby.

The Junior Ski Challenge was a memory maker for Los Alamos youth skiers. Los Alamos youth skiers earned the spotlight on Friday. During her racing debut, Emma Mosby clinched an impressive 2nd place finish followed by Alice Nam in 3rd place in the girls U10 category. Cullen McLean secured his place on the top of the podium, by over a second, with a 1st place finish for the under 12 (U12) age group, followed by Oliver Mosby.  Ian McLean earned 3rd place in the male 12-17 age category followed by Sasho McDowell in 5th place.  

Emma Mosby, Greta Schilling, and Alice Nam (left to right) enjoy victory at the Junior Ski Challenge.  Photo by Michelle Mosby.

Joseph Gallegos, Cullen McLean, and Malik Boukhalfa (left to right) celebrate on the podium after the Junior Ski Challenge.  In addition, to a cow bell trophy and WPST cap, the top placed athletes were recognized by Seiko with commemorative Seiko watches. Photo by Michelle Mosby.

Isaac Olson, Ian Olson and Ian McLean celebrate wins on the podium in a heated race of athletes aging 12-17 years of age. Photo by Michelle Mosby.

For more information about the WPST please see worldproskitour.com