Council Appoints Keith Lepsch To Fill Vacant Seat

Keith Lepsch, center, is sworn in as Los Alamos County Councilor by County Clerk Naomi Maestas. He is accompanied by his parents, Donald and Priscilla Lepsch. Photo Courtesy LAC


Keith Lepsch has been appointed to fill the vacant seat on Los Alamos County Council. Councilors heard answers to their three questions from Lepsch, James Hall and Aaron Walker prior to their vote.

Council Chair Randall Ryti noted that Council had received 35 letters in support of Walker and two against him, 8 letters in support of Lepsch and one letter acknowledging Hall’s application. Gene Nixon, who was the fourth applicant, withdrew his application prior to the meeting.

In the first round of voting, Councilors Sara Scott, Melanee Hand and Denise Derkacs voted for Lepsch, while Councilors David Izraelevitz and David Reagor voted for Hall and Chair Randall Ryti voted for Aaron Walker. Walker was eliminated from the list because he had the lowest number of votes. Councilors voted again and all but Counclor Reagor voted for Lepsch.

Lepsh was sworn in by County Clerk Naomi Maestas immediately following the vote. He was accompanied by his parents, Donald and Priscilla Lepsch, who expressed the great pride in their son.

Lepsch is a flight nurse/preceptor for Classic Air Medical.