Support For Aaron Walker

Los Alamos

Los Alamos County Council will once again select an individual to represent Los Alamos after Sean Williams vacated his seat this month.

This brings the count to two seats which will hold selected, not elected, individuals. In the last selection process they were presented with at least four younger, transparent and progressive voices who would have been excellent choices to replace James, but instead selected a retired person who has arguably been absent in much of the recent political discourse and stated she did not think transparency was a problem in local government. 

Should  this council choose, again, to ignore how people voted, they will have proved they are willing to outright deny the will of the people who elected James Robinson and Sean Williams and will show us, instead, they’re willing to stack the deck with people who will further their own agenda instead.

This selection process, while necessary, subverts the will of the people by allowing us little avenue to express our desire for representation. The only recourse we have is a loud community of voices telling them

what we desire in their selection.

Aaron Walker is one of the most engaged, informed, patient and politically passionate persons I’ve had the privilege of meeting. He attends nearly every council meeting, engages with others in conversation in a sincere way because he wishes to hear everyone’s views, and has a laundry list of experiences that qualify him for the role.

He is raising his young family in Los Alamos and can connect with those of us who are doing the same. 

Aaron believes in transparency and ethical government, wants to work with staff and the community, and has the knowledge and enthusiasm to get hard work done well.

Please write to our current council at
in support of any of the candidates you endorse, and if you’re looking for someone who will represent ALL of Los Alamos and not just a select few, support Aaron Walker.