It’s Not About Age

Los Alamos

I was born in 1964.  We hope soon to be retirees — if our youngest daughter secures a sports scholarship we are out of here.  This does not in any way keep me from wanting to have a progressive voice on County Council.

Growing up my siblings were a lot older than me and my parents were busy.  I got to go along to Vietnam War protests, Civil Rights walks, see the premier of The Yellow Submarine in a theater full of stoned hippies, and generally have the full 60s experience before I turned 10.

When I became of age politically it was the Reagan era.  A darkness descended which has never lifted.  I remember being at the Clinton Inauguration hoping for change.  I remember sitting up with my kids watching the Obamas in Chicago hoping for change.  I’m still praying for progress — the type of progress I remember from long ago.  I’m far from alone.