County: Leisure Lagoon Opening Delayed

The interior of the Leisure Lagoon building at the Los Alamos County Aquatic Center. Photo Courtesy LAC


The opening of the Leisure Lagoon at the Los Alamos County Aquatic Center has unfortunately been postponed due to delays with the arrival of vital pool equipment.  Currently, completion of the project is tentatively scheduled for late June to allow for shipment, delivery and installation of the remaining pieces of equipment required to complete the water system to fill and operate the pool.  Additionally, plastering of the pool itself can only be performed when the pool can be filled to facilitate curing of the plaster.

The impact of COVID is still affecting the construction industry particular in manufacturing of specialty equipment while the availability of labor is still impacting all sectors including the construction workforce.  Nationwide, the supply of materials and equipment is still struggling to keep pace with demand.

However, even with these setbacks, construction crews have completed or are near completion with numerous components of the building, pool and various finishes including pool play equipment, water slide and installation of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. 

Equipment on back order includes motors, pump drives and connecting pipes to fill the Leisure Lagoon and similar equipment for the Olympic Pool to replace and supplement the new filtration system. While crews await delivery, painting, installing irrigation systems, landscaping and repaving the driveway are scheduled and ongoing.

Joel Loes, Vice President and Project Manager with Klinger Constructors, states, “Klinger Constructors remains fully committed to providing Los Alamos with a beautiful new facility where youth and families can enjoy a safe and fun environment to swim and play.  In the face of monumental challenges in the construction industry, County project management and pool operations staff and the design team have been amazing to work with to brainstorm solutions.  We will continue to push forward to complete this project on the new timeline upon receipt of the materials and specialty equipment that will allow us to complete the pool so that it can be commissioned and put into use.”

The County appreciates the public’s understanding and patience while  working through the supply chain issues.  The County will provide more information and updates as they become available.

Interested individuals can call or email the Public Works Department at (505)662-8150 or with questions or concerns.