The Status Quo Has Failed, Appoint Aaron Walker

Los Alamos

Dear members of the community:

With Los Alamos County leadership having successfully driven another small business (Automotive Professionals) out of town along with both of its owners including a sitting county councilor (Sean Williams), and maybe on the verge of driving youth sports out of town as well, it seems to me a good time to recall that councilor’s comments from last July. He opposed the appointment of the current county manager, expressing concerns about the “status quo”.

I too am greatly dissatisfied with the status quo in this town. We have a total lack of creative problem-solving by leadership. There is a very long list of unaddressed or badly addressed problems, from bears spreading trash all over my neighborhood, to abuse of small business, to Very Glossy Plans developed by expensive consultants where the inconvenient or hard parts aren’t implemented and staff tell m,e “oh, we don’t actually follow those”.

It is well past time for change, and a good first step is to appoint Aaron Walker to complete Councilor Williams’ term. Mr. Walker is a thoughtful and conscientious person who is committed to truth and good government, and who is also unhappy with the status quo. This would also best respect the will of the voters when they elected Councilor Williams.