Endorsement Of Aaron Walker To Replace Sean Williams On Council

White Rock

Dear Los Alamos County Council,

I’m writing to ask you to appoint Aaron Walker as the replacement for former Councilor Sean Williams. In addition to his service on the Community Development Advisory Board, Aaron has been a tireless advocate for transparency in government and support for small business. Aaron also attends most if not all Council meetings already and is familiar with how our county government works.

Most importantly, though, Aaron appears to be the candidate who most closely aligns with Sean Williams on issues and community engagement. Sean was the candidate that the people elected to Council. Sean was universally praised by the public for his work on Council. Choosing Aaron to replace Sean is the right thing to do.

Thank you for your consideration.

The list of candidates to replace Sean Williams on County Council is out. If you support one of these candidates, please send an email to our current County Council at countycouncil@lacnm.us indicating support for your choice and why. Our County Council reads all of your emails and takes them into consideration.