Make ‘Em Pay!

Los Alamos

Esteemed Council,

Having read our County’s response to the Little League dilemma, I can
only say: Bravo! This is ‘Murica, gosh darn it: here we *work* for our
privileges. If those six- and seven-year-olds want to play ball, they’re
gonna have to earn it. Give ’em some lawn mowers; or, heck, surely there
must be a coal mine nearby where they can be put to work?

What kind of example would we set for our children if they got something
for nothing? What kind of country would this be if we allowed our public
facilities to be used, for free, by the actual public? Make ’em pay, so
they can appreciate how lucky they are to live in the wealthiest county
in this state. And by no means allow them second helpings of gruel.