Republican Gary Stradling Announces Bid For Council Seat

Gary Stradling, Republican candidate for Los Alamos County Council, with his wife Rebecca. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

Republican Candidate for
Los Alamos County Council

Gary Stradling is stepping up to serve Los Alamos again!

I am seeking election to County Council to bolster county government transparency, fiscal responsibility, and responsiveness for Los Alamos residents. 

Los Alamos County government should be fiscally conservative, reflecting the choices and standards of most of the community. 

Los Alamos local government must overcomes the historical limitations that have prevented a full range of business and housing options. 

Los Alamos needs local retail, restaurant, and consumer service businesses. These businesses serve community residents. We should not have to travel to distant communities to shop. We also have a rich supply of technical talent and should provide circumstances that encourage LANL spin-off technology development businesses. County government must better plan, cultivate, encourage, and facilitate local business development.

Los Alamos needs more and more varied housing. As LANL grows, new staff need places to live. Many retirees love Los Alamos, but are aging and need age-appropriate housing. Many thousands of great people commute long hours to work here. They would love to live and shop locally. Workers are needed to staff local businesses. These are opportunities to enrich and invigorate our community, if housing development is handled well. 

Los Alamos County government is to serve the citizens, not rule over them. We must maintain transparency, balance, and tolerance in a community of variety and diversity. County government must respect the range of interests and perspectives of residents, while preserving safety and peace, and encouraging neighborhood quality, and beauty. 

Los Alamos County government must focus on reliable and economic delivery of utilities and services, including gas, electricity, and robust and modern cell and internet services. Caring for the environment must be balanced with cost and practical impact. 

Los Alamos is situated in a beautiful recreational environment. County government should provide great local parks and services. 

I am a 5th generation New Mexican, a 41 year resident of Los Alamos, and a former Planning & Zoning commissioner. I have served as a government organizational leader in Washington DC.   I want to continue to serve Los Alamos, and invite Los Alamos residents to support my election. Please donate to Stradling4council, 550 Totavi St, Los Alamos, NM 87544, Kenneth Shelley Treasurer.