Los Alamos Family Council CountUP! Week


As National Women’s History Month continues, we celebrate former Los Alamos Family Council Program Director Cheryl Pongratz.  Nineteen years ago, March 2023, Pongratz joined Los Alamos Family Council after retiring from Los Alamos Public Schools. 

Many in town know Pongratz for her wonderful work and community involvement. In 2018, Pongratz was recognized as a Living Treasure of Los Alamos. You can read her Living Treasure biography here.

Pongratz was critical to the health of Los Alamos Family Council through her grantwriting efforts. In 2016 she helped recruit Jordan Redmond as Program Director for the Youth Activity Centers. Upon the retirement of Executive Director Joy Beery, in 2018, Pongratz served as interim Executive Director and merged the Program Director and Executive Director positions, intending to retire after serving in the interim role. She served until Jordan Redmond was selected to fill the vacancy.

Thanks to the efforts of Pongratz, Los Alamos Family Council continues to serve the community of Los Alamos and the surrounding areas through our current programming, with a focus on our mission of promoting social and emotional well-being through education, prevention, and counseling. For more information about LAFC’s programs, please call 662-4160, visit our website at www.lafamilycouncil.org.

Thank you for joining us in our 60th Anniversary CountUP! Celebration! Don’t miss out on next week’s and stay tuned for our first Count UP! Contest! Watch for the contest on our Facebook page at facebook.com/LosAlamosFamilyCouncil