Los Alamos County Has A New 4-H Club: Boots-N-Bridles

Members of the newly-established Boots-N-Bridles 4-H Club. Courtesy photo

Boots-N-Bridles 4-H Club

 There is a new 4-H Club in Los Alamos County called the Boots-N-Bridles 4-H Club. There are eight officers in the club, but the key officers are the President (Carley Hollander), the Vice President (Colton Hollander), the Secretary (Alexandria Booton), and the Treasurer (Nicholas Booton). All of the roles are held by kids. In fact, the whole 4-H club is run by them, with a little help from our county 4-H Extension Officer and our parents.

4-H is Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. But the 4-H clubs are not just clubs that get together and discuss what they did with their four H’s. Absolutely not. Yes, they do have meetings and fund-raisers, but what do we do after meetings? Projects. There are over two hundred to choose from, and some include  Vet Science, Babysitting, Clowning, Archery, Robotics, Electricity, Baking, Cake decorating, and Braiding & Knots. These projects are great fun, and they teach interesting things.

There are upcoming events for kids registered in 4-H, with some open to the public. The first will be a baking class starting in March taught by our Extension Officer, Desaree Jimenez. If you have questions about the club and the projects that we do or upcoming events, you can contact the Los Alamos County 4-H Extension office by email at: losalamos.nmsu.edu and at the website: losalamosextension.nmsu.edu  

Stay tuned for more happenings and 4-H activities and watch out for our exhibits at the Los Alamos County Fair August 11-14, 2022.