Blowing Up Sewers Explained At Transportation Board Meeting

Los Alamos Transportation Board

Chris Sanchez served up a real treat in his description of how they plan to replace the sewer lines in the road and utilities work planned for Arkansas, 33rd and 34th Street. It involves running a sleeve into the line and literally blowing it up (like a balloon) to crush and expand the old clay pipes still in place. I admit I just love that kind of technical detail.

But the residents will be more interested in the results, which should be an end to troubles with continuing service difficulties. It’s not just sewers getting improvements, but all the utilities along those streets. They will also be getting resurfaced, and defective sidewalk, curb and gutters will also be replaced.

As is usual when work like this is undertaken, there will be traffic and parking issues for residents along those streets. Most of the work area on 33/34th is a closed loop where one lane or the other might be in rough shape for a significant time during the work period. There will also be some complications with the bus stop at Aspen School. With any luck, that will be resolved before next year’s classes are in full bloom.

Assuming the bidding process goes as hoped, construction should begin June 15 of this year. Completion is not expected until November 30, but hopefully most of the inconvenience will resolve before that. Total cost of this project will run about $3.3 million.

The meeting was Thursday, March 3. We’re still holding the meetings entirely online, and don’t know when we’ll be back to hybrid meetings.

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