Sherwood Avenue Closed

Road Closed sign on Sherwood Avenue in White Rock. Photo by David North

Los Alamos County Transportation Board

Many, if not most, White Rock residents have probably noticed Sherwood Avenue is currently closed to through traffic from Aztec to Grand Canyon. As of today, my best knowledge has it continuing for about a week, but hopefully I can focus a little tighter tomorrow (Monday).

Public Works was prompt in supplying information on the matter, but entirely due to a glitch with my email, it was lost. That should be cleared up soon.

While a full closure is something of an inconvenience, there is some indication this will allow earlier project completion, which is probably a popular idea with everyone.

While it is possible to detour using Aztec and/or Beryl, I suggest using Rover and Longview instead, since they are designed for more traffic. Life is going to be hard enough for the nearby residents while this is going on.