County’s Racial Equity & Inclusivity Task Force To Hold Listening Session Sunday Afternoon


The Racial Equity and Inclusivity Task Force invites members of the community in Los Alamos and White Rock to attend a series of open listening sessions for task force members to listen to BIPOC members of the community share thoughts and concerns regarding race and equity issues in Los Alamos County. The goal of these listening sessions is to help gather information for the Task Force to put together a picture of unique and individual experiences in Los Alamos. The Task Force hopes this will be an awareness level raising event for the community. This event is entirely voluntary and will aid the task force in developing recommendations to the Los Alamos County Council on how to improve equity in Los Alamos and White Rock and address issues of racism and inequity. 

The three open listening sessions are: 

● Sunday March 6th, County Council Chambers 1:30 to 3:00 PM 

● Saturday March 12th, White Rock Visitors Center time to be determined soon ● Saturday March 19th, Fuller Lodge time to be determined soon 

The Racial Equity and Inclusivity Task Force encourages all members of the community who wish to participate in these listening sessions to attend. If you have any questions, or would like to share thoughts and experiences for these listening sessions, please contact the Racial Equity and Inclusivity Task Force at 

As a culture and a community we all move through systemic challenges. It is important to name these challenges in order to begin identifying how we can work together to overcome them. While no one person is responsible for the existence of those challenges, we have the opportunity to work together to meet them with fairness. With this in mind, the Task Force hopes these listening sessions will be the first steps to naming and identifying the systemic challenges in our community. 

We look forward to seeing you.