Los Alamos STEAM LAB Kicks Off Affordable Tutoring Program This Week


Los Alamos STEAM Lab will kick off their affordable tutoring program this week.  Tutoring has been an area of need in the community since before the pandemic and it has only become more necessary as the town works to close gaps.

This program makes use of quality curricula purchased with generous support from Los Alamos JJAB and designed to “fill the gaps.”  The program is run by a certified local teacher and as it grows, tutoring will make use of high school students to facilitate small group learning.  Small groups will collect together 2-4 students with the same set of emerging skills to collaborate, learn, and play games together.

The ELA curriculum is highly recommended for developing phonemic awareness and uses best practices for dyslexic children, which are best practices for all children.  For older kids, there is a collection of high interest, decodable readers to practice reading fluency and fact finding scavenger hunts to work on reading non-fiction content.

The math curriculum is designed to develop an intuitive number sense and focuses on using manipulatives such as an abacus, scale, and playing cards to develop math facts, and arithmetic algorithms.  The fraction unit also makes use of cards to develop an understanding of fractional values and their relationships. Finally, there is a section dedicated to mathematical reasoning and problem solving through puzzles.

This program is meant to be an enjoyable supplement to school curriculum.  Los Alamos STEAM Lab has worked with teachers in town to seek out different and engaging lessons to help reteach material in a different format for students who need some more support. They are happy to work alongside your child’s teacher to find ways to best support them.

For more information about the tutoring program go to: https://lasteamlab.com/programs/tutoring/group-tutoring-and-homework-help/

For more classes and camps see: https://lasteamlab.com/product-category/class/