New Mexico Small Business Assistance Program Accepting Leveraged Project Proposals For Calendar Year 2022


The NMSBA program enables small for-profit New Mexico businesses solve critical challenges by accessing Los  Alamos and Sandia national laboratories’ unique expertise and capabilities at no cost to the businesses.  Individual businesses in Bernalillo and Santa Fe counties are eligible for up to $20,000 of technical assistance.  Businesses in all other New Mexico counties may receive $40,000 of assistance. 

Leveraged NMBSA projects allow multiple New Mexico small businesses that share technical challenges to  request assistance collectively. Projects can be funded up to the sum of the assistance for which each  participating company is eligible, with total funding from $40K-$120,000. Projects must be complete by the end of  calendar year 2022. 

Assistance is provided in the form of laboratory staff time and their use of specialized equipment. Assistance  requested must not be available to the business in the private sector at a reasonable cost. The program does not  provide cash or equipment to small businesses. 

Proposals Due: February 14, , 2022 (late submissions will not be accepted) 

Submissions: Submit proposals via email 

SNL Proposals: Sharon Evans, 

LANL Proposals: Julia Wise, 

Initial proposal decision: February 18, 2022 

Successful proposals will move forward to the next phase. Additional information and a presentation are required. 

 Leveraged Project  

March 23 & March 24, 2022 


Final project decision: March 31, 2022 

Proposals must include the following information: 

1. The title of the project 

2. Name and contact information for the laboratory technical staff member who will lead the project 

3. A description of: 

• the problem faced by the small businesses (250 word limit); 

• how this project will address the problem (250 word limit);  

• the laboratory capability utilized that is not available in the private sector at reasonable cost (100 word  limit); 

• the anticipated economic impact of the project on the participating small businesses (250 word limit) Economic impact can include job creation or retention, increasing revenue, decreasing operating costs,  cost avoidance, potential for funding and financing, investment in NM goods and services, etc.

4. The category that best describes the technical assistance work that will be done on the project (choose one  from the following list): 

(1) Astronomy & Physics 

(2) Advanced Modeling & Simulation 

(3) Biological and Medical 

(4) Business Development  

(5) Chemistry and Biochemistry

(6) Computational and Computer Science 

(7) Earth & Environmental Sciences

(8) Energy 

(9) Engineering  

(10) Manufacturing 

(11) Materials Science 

(12) Micro- & Nano-Technology 

5. Name, address (including county), and contact information for at least two New Mexico small businesses  requesting the assistance. 

Note: All small businesses must be for-profit, located and registered to do business in New Mexico, and  meet the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Size Standards  


6. For each requesting company, the industry category that best describes the main activities of the business (select one industry for each company from the following list):  

(1) Manufacturing 

(2) Professional, Scientific, and Technical  Services 

(3) Agriculture and Natural Resources

(4) Retail & Wholesale 

(5) Media & Hospitality 

(6) Oil & Gas, Utilities and Mining

(7) Educational and Health Services

(8) Real Estate, Finance, Insurance and  Management Services 

(9) Other Services 

A limited number of proposals will be selected to move forward. If the proposal is selected to  continue, additional information and a presentation will be required. The additional information will be  due March 16, 2022, and the presentations will be March 23 or March 24, 2022. The NMSBA Program  Advisory Council will evaluate all presentations. Companies selected for assistance will be notified by March 31, 2022. 

For more information on leveraged projects, please contact: 

Julia Wise, 505-665-5827, (Los Alamos National Laboratory) 

Sharon Evans, 505-845-9671, (Sandia National Laboratories)