State Representatives Urged Not To Vote In Favor Of SB 14

White Rock

Dear New Mexico House of Representatives,

Do not fall for the scam of Senate Bill 14 (Clean Fuel Standard Act)!   It is a scam for selling Texas Ethanol and stealing your water.

1) Growing corn to make ethanol to put in gasoline is a sin. We don’t have the water. That is what this bill is about.

2) There is only one ethanol refinery in New Mexico, in Portales.  It is mothballed. It is not open. The mothballed refinery is owned by a company out of Houston, Tex..  Somebody made a big campaign donation to get this ridiculous bill to the New Mexico Senate floor.  

3) Have anyone looked at El Vado, Abiquiu, Cochiti or Elephant Butte reservoirs lately?  They are mud holes now.  We are in a giant drought and this bill is promising huge “profits”  by turning our water into gasoline via corn growing. Fact:  It takes 300 gallons of water to grow one ear of corn.

4) Using our precious water to grow food for people and livestock is good. Using our precious water to grow corn to turn into motor fuel is a slap in the face to every New Mexican.

5)  The State of New Mexico received $5.3 billion in 2021 from producers of oil and natural gas.  Almost all of it was exported.

6) Natural Gas can be converted into synthetic gasoline by using natural gas  and catalytic cracking.  New Mexico has an abundant surplus of natural gas.  See above. But the “Greens” want to control every aspect of your life through your energy consumption, and making your gasoline scarce and expensive is just part of the plan.