Nominations Sought For New Living Treasures Of Los Alamos

Los Alamos Living Treasures Board

Do you know someone you think should be a Living Treasure of Los Alamos? Nominations will be accepted through April 30, and a nine-member board will choose three new Treasures, who will be honored at a ceremony in September or October 2022. Nominees must be current residents of Los Alamos County. Selection of the new Treasures will be based on letters of nomination from the public; letters should include the following information:

  • In which areas did the nominee make volunteer contributions to life in Los Alamos?
  • How many years has the nominee been involved in community activities?
  • How did the contributions affect people in the community?
  • In what ways is Los Alamos a better place as a result of the efforts of this person?
  • Contact information (name, phone number, or email) of the submitter.

Has someone you know already been nominated but not yet selected as a Treasure? This is common because we can only honor three people each year. Therefore, if you would like to provide additional documentation in support of a nominee, your letters are helpful to the selection process. You do not need to resubmit the entire nomination. If you are unsure if someone has been nominated in the past, please contact any member of the Board of Living Treasures of Los Alamos. Board members are listed on website (see link below).

Because of Covid in 2020 and 2021, we could not honor our 2020 Treasures until the fall of 2021 and we had to have much smaller ceremony limited only to invited guests who were vaccinated. It worked out well to have the ceremony in the fall so we will plan to do that again this year if the pandemic allows. That ceremony is available to watch on the Living Treasures website.

Biographies of past Treasures since 1999 can be viewed at the website listed below. Nominations must be submitted by April 30 to Living Treasures of Los Alamos, PO Box 1065, Los Alamos, NM  87544 or by emailing the information to

Living Treasures was founded in 1999 by a group of residents who wanted to honor the older people of the community who had done so much to maintain and improve the excellent quality of life in Los Alamos. The complete list of Treasures can be found on the website below: