projectY cowork To Host Interactive Round-Robin Feb. 7 For Entrepreneurs


projectY cowork Los Alamos will host a free Entrepreneurial Round-Robin or “Speed Dating for Business Resources” event on Mon., Feb. 7, from 5:30pm to 8:30pm. This will be a great opportunity for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to ask questions about resources available to them locally and statewide. At the beginning of the event each guest speaker will introduce themselves and explain what resources and benefits they have to offer small businesses. After introductions, attendees will break out with the speakers and have the opportunity to ask specific questions regarding their needs. 

“We encourage all small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and even those who are just at the idea phase to join us,” said Christina McCormick, community and marketing manager at projectY cowork. 

Representatives from the following organizations will be present: New Mexico Angels, Century Bank, Del Norte Credit Union, Enchantment Land Certified Development Company, Regional Development Corporation (RDC), UNM Rainforest, Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce, Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation, New Mexico Office of Science and Technology with NMEDD, New Mexico Small Business Assistance, Small Business Development Center, and the Los Alamos County Economic Development Department. It is recommended that if you are interested, to please register beforehand at or you can register by calling Christina at projectY at 661-4862 or by email at

Since its inception in June 2016, projectY cowork has hosted hundreds of entrepreneurial events attracting individuals from across Northern New Mexico. In addition to various membership options and punchcard passes to the workspace, projectY also allows non-members to reserve its 10-person conference room and event space for after-hours and weekend use. For more information, visit

About projectY cowork Los Alamos

projectY cowork is a coworking space that serves as a hub for startups, freelancers and others to be connected to like-minded entrepreneurs, business experts, investors and mentors who will help them achieve their personal and professional goals. In addition to providing an affordable, modern workspace for locals, projectY also hosts experts to provide entrepreneurial workshops and other events. projectY cowork is an initiative between Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation, Los Alamos County, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) Feynman Center for Innovation, Regional Development Corporation (RDC) and Triad, LLC.