First Born Thanks Los Alamos Fire Department For Generosity

A young boy shows the holiday gifts he received through the generosity of Los Alamos Fire Department. Courtesy photo

Gifts provided for two Los Alamos families through the generosity of the Los Alamos Fire Department. Courtesy photo

Los Alamos Fire Department personnel deliver holiday presents to a Los Alamos Family through the First Born Program of Los Alamos. Courtesy photo

A family poses with the presents they received from Los Alamos Fire Department last month. Courtesy photo


The First Born Program of Los Alamos would like to thank the Los Alamos County Fire Department for their incredible generosity. In December, LAFD adopted two First Born Families for the Holidays. They purchased fabulous gifts for every family member. Not only that, they drove the fire trucks to the families’ homes to deliver the gifts. The young children (and their parents) were delighted to see the vehicles and the firefighters and even more surprised to see all the gifts they brought. 

One of the moms exclaimed, “My toddler was so thrilled to see the fire trucks and even more excited when he opened his new scooter!”

Another parent shared, “Without these gifts, Christmas would have been kind of sad. The firefighters even stayed for a while and visited with our family. We felt so supported by the Fire Department and the community”

Again, on behalf of the First Born families, many thanks to the Los Alamos Fire Department for their bighearted donations through the Adopt A Family program.

The First Born Program of Los Alamos is a free and voluntary home visiting program for all first time families in Los Alamos. The program is relationshipcentered and curriculumbased. Families who participate receive support, information about pregnancy, early childhood development, health, nutrition and safety and learn fun activities to help build brain development and learning. Through weekly home visits, families identify personal goals, recognize challenges and opportunities for growth and build a healthy, loving, playful relationship with their child. For more information, please visit or email