Gus Yeager On Film: Spider Man – No Way Home


To call the most recent Spider-Man flick a return to form for Marvel Studios would be untrue. It is an entry that nearly transcends the MCU. No Way Home is a vast improvement over the recent slate of Marvel content, and the most fun I have had at the theater in years. 

The MCU Spider-Man trilogy had already provided two of the strongest MCU films, and there was some speculation that No Way Home may not be able to stack up. But it certainly did. To begin, the visuals are exceptional, even for a studio from which audiences have come to expect the cutting edge. They’re on full display during the action sequences, each of which captures a unique feeling without being overdone. In recent years, there have been times where it has felt as though superhero movies have run out of ideas for fight scenes, but No Way Home countered this sentiment with a creative vigor that astonishes. 

Where No Way Home really shines, however, is in the story itself. Bolstered by phenomenal character writing and spectacular performances by the trilogy leads (Tom Holland, Zendaya, and Jacob Batalon), the entire runtime is an enchanting and enthralling journey. It manages to pack-in a host of fun moments and dramatic twists without losing sight of the primary emotional focus. The tone is a well balanced mix of joyful exuberance and bittersweet melancholy. (Not to spoil anything, but there was also more than one moment during which the theater let out a gleeful round of applause.) 

Spider-Man may simply be the most inherently fun superhero to watch on the big screen. I would recommend No Way Home to all audiences. In fact, it was my second favorite movie of 2022. (I loved Dune. Dune was great. You should go see Dune). No Way Home proves that Spider-Man done right can be Amazing. 

Rating: 9.5/10