NMDGF 2022 Big Game Draw Is Open: Application Assistance Available


Q: Where can I get the Rules and Information Booklet?

A: It is best to download it directly off the website. Printed copies, in both English and Spanish, are available in limited quantities ONLY at Game and Fish offices across the state. Due to a national paper shortage, each person will be limited to a maximum of two copies and printed copies WILL NOT be available at vendors as they have in the past.  Click here to find the NMDGF office closest to you.  

Q: What is a game hunting license and why am I required to get one before I apply for the draw?

A: A game hunting license is valid for small game (migratory birds, upland game birds and squirrel) and is required by state law prior to purchasing or applying for a big game license (antelope, bear, cougar, Barbary sheep, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, ibex, javelina and oryx). Game hunting licenses and/or stamps purchased through the draw application are nonrefundable.

Q: If I am going to be applying for hunts for myself and two children, does each person have to have their own account?

A: Yes. Each person will need their own account. Also, if you have previously set up the accounts with the same email address, the reset my password feature will not work as the system can’t verify which account belongs to the password. It is best to try logging into your account and your children’s accounts soon to make sure they are updated before you apply for the draw. If you have a problem, you can call our office at 1-888-248-6866 and we will help you reset the password. 

Application assistance is available virtually. You can email the Department’s Information Center or message us on FacebookInstagramTwitter or TikTok. You can also call our Information Center at (888) 248-6866.