Applications For Los Alamos County Council Vacant Seat Now Available For Viewing On County Website


The eight applications for the vacant seat on the Los Alamos County Council are now available for review on the County’s website under the following link:

Council is expected to select a new councilor Tuesday evening during its regular session.

The applications vary from multiple pages of very detailed background and qualifications to a handwritten notice of interest. Applicants were asked to submit a “letter of interest” stating that they were a qualified voter and resided in the County, along with a summary of their experience, background and any other qualifications that they felt made them the best candidate. 

The applicants are as follows:

Antonio Maggiore
Brandi Leigh Engeman
Keith Lepsch
Steven R. Booth
Melanee Hand
Andrew M. Fraser
David Hampton
Aaron Walker

According to recently revised Council Procedural Rules, at Tuesday’s Council meeting, the applicants will attend and present their application to the Council using the following process:

— The draft set of interview questions will be reviewed, discussed and agreed on by Council in the public meeting prior to initiating the interview process.

— Each applicant will make a three minute statement to share their interest and qualifications for the office.

–Applicants will then answer interview questions from the County Council. Each applicant will answer each question. Questions will be prepared in advance. Follow up questions are allowed if further clarification is needed.

–There will be an opportunity for public comment after applicants have made their statements and answered questions. Public comment is limited to three minutes per citizen.

–After public comment, the Council will take a roll call vote.

–The applicant with the most votes will be appointed to fill the vacancy.

–In order to be selected, an applicant must receive a minimum of 4 votes. If no applicant receives 4 votes after the first roll call vote, the applicant with the fewest votes will be eliminated and the Council will take additional roll call votes until a final selection is made.