Special School Board Meeting Scheduled For Monday, Jan. 24


It has been brought to the attention of the district that the January 15 Los Alamos School Board
meeting where the new superintendent was selected was not properly noticed to the public.

An email circulated January 4 announcing the meeting indicated that a possible quorum of
board members might be present in the LAPS Board Room from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. January
12-16 for superintendent candidates’ interviews. The notice said no action would be taken.
In addition, there was no agenda for the January 15 meeting sent to local media or available to
the public on the LAPS website until January 17.

In order to ensure compliance with the Open Meetings Act and give proper notice to the public, a special virtual meeting of the board has been scheduled for 1 p.m. Monday, January 24. The action item to select Dr. Jose Delfin as the new LAPS superintendent is on the agenda, as well as a closed session to discuss Dr. Delfin’s contract.

Join the Zoom Meeting at