Los Alamos Young Guns Compete In Three-Day Zia Classic Shotgun Event In Belen Jan. 14-16

Los Alamos Young Guns members who traveled to Belen for the Zia Classic shotgun event Jan. 14-16 are, from left, Matthew Nowell, Gavin Robles, Alyssa Vigil, Sarah Randall, Kadin Hansel, Alexandra Booton, Luisa Schmitz and Ana Schmitz. Photo by Barbara Vigil

Los Alamos Young Guns medal winners at the Zia Classic in Belen are, from left, Allyssa Vigil, Sarah Randell. Luisa Schmitz and Ana Schmitz. Photo by Lisa Randall

Young shooters aim at Luisa Schmitz’s hat. A first year shooter, Schmitz shot her first 25/25 at the Belen event and it is tradition that fellow shooters take their best shot at her hat. Photo by Barbara Vigil

Intermediate shooter Luisa Schmitz beams with pride as she shows off her hat which was shot at by her fellow competitors in celebration of her first time breaking 25/25 clays. Photo by Lisa Randall

Varsity shooters Alyssa Vigil, left, and Sarah Randall at the Belen competition. Vigil took the Overall Highest Varsity Female for the three-day event. Randall took second place in the Sporting Clays Varsity Female while shooting sporting clays for the first time and sporting a cast. Photo by Lisa Randall

Los Alamos Young Guns

Los Alamos Young Guns had three strong days of shooting January 14-16 at the statewide Zia Classic shotgun event in Belen where they participated in sporting clays, skeet, singles, handicap and doubles competitions.

After three days of competing, Alyssa Vigil was High Overall Varsity Female and Ana Schmitz was 3rd Highest Overall Female. Luisa Schmitz was 2nd Highest Overall Intermediate Females.

Female Varsity Skeet
Alyssa Vigil – 1st place
Sarah Randall – 4th place.

Female Varsity Sporting Clays
Sarah Randall – 2nd place
Alyssa Vigil – 4th place

Male Varsity Skeet
Gavin Robles – 6th place
Matthew Nowell – 21st place

Male Varsity Sporting Clays
Gavin Robles – 6th place
Matthew Nowell – 21st place

Female Varsity Singles
Alyssa Vigil – 2nd place
Ana Schmitz – 4th place
Sarah Randall – 6th place

Male Varsity Singles
Matthew Nowell – 28th place
Gavin Robles – 39th

Intermediate Female Singles
Luisa Schmitz – 2nd place
Alexandra Booton – 10th place

Intermediate Male Singles
Kadin Hansel – 15th place

Handicap Varsity Females
Ana Schmitz – 2nd place
Alyssa Vigil – 5th place
Sarah Randall – 12th place

Handicap Varsity Males
Gavin Robles – 31st place
Matthew Nowell – 37th place

Handicap Intermediate Females
First year shooter Luisa Schmitz had her first shoot-off and took 2nd place. She also shot her first 25/25.
Alexandra Booton – 9th place. She is also a first year shooter.

Handicap Intermediate Males
Kadin Hansel – 13th place. He is a first year shooter.

Doubles Varsity Females
Alyssa Vigil – 1st place
Ana Schmitz – 2nd place
Sarah Randall – 11th place

Doubles Varsity Males
Gavin Robles – 5th place
Matthew Nowell – 26th place

Doubles Intermediate Females
Luisa Schmitz – 4th place
Alexandra Booton – 7th place

Doubles Intermediate Males
Kadin Hansel – 11th place

For more information on the youth shotgun sports program at the Los Alamos Sportsmen’s Club, call Mike O’Neill, (505) 309-1762.