Los Alamos Family Council CountUP! Week 10


The Los Alamos Family Council operates the Youth Activity Centers in Los Alamos and White Rock.  The centers serve youth in grades 3rd through 8th in after school programs with hours from 3pm to 6pm on all weekdays except Wednesdays where the hours change to 12pm to 6pm due to early dismissal at the elementary schools.

During the summer, however, the hours at the Los Alamos Youth Activity Center explode to 8 a.m. to 6 p.m! That’s 50 hours a week of free, supervised activities for the entire ten-week summer break period. 

The Youth Activity Center provides more hours of operation during the ten-week summer break than during 27 weeks of after school hours! And our summer hours are packed with activities, field trips, and special events. Some youth attend from open to close each day during the summer, showing just how important this service is to our community.

Los Alamos Family Council is dedicated to promoting the social and emotional well-being of those in our community through education, prevention, and counseling. To learn more about our programs, visit our website at lafamilycouncil.org.

Thank you for joining us in our 60th Anniversary CountUP! celebration! Don’t miss out on next week’s!