New UNM-LA Advisory Board Members Sworn In Monday Evening

Charles McCullough shakes hands with Municipal Judge Elizabeth Allen after being sworn into his position on the UNM-LA Advisory Board. Photo by Sarah Jimenez/UNM-LA

David Hanson raises his right hand as he is sworn into his position on the UNM-LA Advisory Board by Judge Elizabeth Allen via Zoom. To the left of Hanson on the zoom screen is Alissa Grissom who was also sworn in on Monday. Photo by Sarah Jimenez/UNM-LA


Recently elected UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA) Advisory Board members Alissa Grissom, Charles McCullough, and David Hanson were sworn into their advisory board positions by Judge Elizabeth Allen at the January 10 Board Meeting. Following the swearing in ceremony, Stephen Boerigter was re-elected as Board Chair, and Alissa Grissom was elected as Board Secretary.   

The UNM-LA Advisory Board is composed of five members elected by the registered voters of Los Alamos County.  Positions are four-year terms with elections every two years. Returning advisory board members include Stephen Boerigter and Laura Burrows.  

The role of the UNM Advisory Board is determined by the New Mexico Branch Community College Act and the UNM operating agreement with branch campuses. By means of this agreement, the UNM Board of Regents works with the UNM-LA Advisory Board on the recognition of the need and opportunity for the parties “to partner together to provide quality educational services.” The UNM-Advisory Board acts in an advisory capacity to the UNM Board of Regents in all matters pertaining to the Los Alamos campus, approves the annual budget for UNM-LA for recommendation to the Board of Regents, and provides approval and certification for the tax levy to Los Alamos County, and calls elections for tax levies and Advisory Board positions.

Per the UNM-Los Alamos Bylaws, regular meetings of the Advisory Board are held on the “Monday preceding the second Tuesday of each odd calendar month (except July)” at 5:30 p.m. at the Branch Campus unless otherwise directed by the chairperson of the Advisory Board.

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