Results Of LAPS School Spelling Bees Announced

Mountain Elementary School spelling bee winners are, from left, Silas Iverson, 1st place; Leah Herrera, 2nd place; and Hannah Li, 3rd place. Photo Courtesy LAPS

Winners of the Chamisa Elementary School Spelling Bee are, front row from left, Jeremiah Gutierrez, runner-up; Melody (Emily) Gutierrez, 3rd place; Dorian Finn, 2nd place; and Patrick Ito, 1st place. Back row: Cindy Richard, Chamisa Spelling Bee Coordinator and judges Nancy Brugh and Craig Washnok. Photo Courtesy LAPS

Barranca Elementary School spelling bee winners are, from left, Carmen Cawkwell, 1st place; Payton Sutherland, 3rd place; Chloe Blackburn, 2nd place; and Amelia Inglis, runner-up. Photo Courtesy LAPS


Los Alamos Public Schools Elementary students participated in their school site Spelling Bees. with the following results: 

Aspen Elementary

1st place: Sadie Vest (5th grade)

2nd place: Jacob Hilderbrand (6th place)

3rd place: Rebekah Scott (5th grade)

Runner-up: Catelynn Romero (6th place)

Barranca Elementary

1st place: Carmen Cawkwell (6th grade)

2nd place: Chloe Blackburn (4th grade)

3rd place: Payton Sutherland (6th grade)

Runner-up: Amelia Inglis (6th grade)

Chamisa Elementary 

1st place: Patrick Ito (6th grade)

2nd place: Dorian Finn (4th grade)

3rd place: Melody (Emily) Gutierrez (4th grade)

Runner-up: Jeremiah Gutierrez (5th grade)

Mountain Elementary

1st place: Silas Iverson (6th grade)

2nd place: Leah Herrera (6th grade)

3rd place: Hannah Li (4th grade)

Piñon Elementary

1st place: Elise Blackhart (6th grade)

2nd place: Berlyn Hollander (5th grade)

3rd place: Norah Whitton (4th grade)

Runner-up: Julia Zou (6th grade)

Los Alamos Middle School

1st place: Owen James (7th grade)

2nd place: Jasmine Heft (8th grade)

3rd place: Karly Seitz-Pruitt (7th grade)

Runner-up: Audrey Miller (7th grade)

Thank you to all site coordinators, pronouncers and judges who helped make each Spelling Bee a success.

The top three from each school will participate in the District Spelling Bee currently scheduled for Wednesday, January 19th at Chamisa Elementary School.