LARSO: No Plan At This Time To Close Either Senior Center To Public

Betty Ehart Senior Center. Courtesy photo


The Los Alamos Retired and Senior Organization wishes to clarify some confusion in the community.

The senior centers are not closing, according to Bernadette Lauritzen, the LARSO Executive Director.

“As of this date and this time, there is no plan for either of the senior centers to close to the public,” said Lauritzen. “Once again rumors have started that one or both centers are closing and residents are always welcome to call and ask us if something is of concern, and not spread false information, which tends to worry older seniors.”

While it is true that during the month of January, the centers are not currently serving in-person meals, a drive through lunch format is available from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday for members. According to Lauritzen, the decision wasn’t an easy one, but with the local COVID numbers rising it was the right thing to do for seniors and staff. The rise in the number of adults that are fully-vaccinated, have received a booster and are still getting infected, made the decision simple, she said.

“Often I am asked what can people due to help. I ask that if you are over 60, you join the senior center, which is free, and come to lunch, even once a year,” said Lauritzen. “The numbers we have on our rosters, especially new seniors that join and utilize a service, is important to demonstrate our worth and helps when we request additional funds.” 

The centers are currently in a budget cycle for the state, which will fund programs (meals, transportation, adult day care and volunteer programs), for the next four years. The centers hope to add additional services, known as chore services or home maker services in July. Then, when seniors need help with small projects, your friendly senior center staff, will be at the ready. When a member needs a hand the paperwork is in place and help is a phone call away.

BE OUR VOICE, is the theme for the legislative session in February. Additional information will come out shortly, but the needs of seniors are top of mind. What do you think we need locally? Let us hear your voice. Here is a link to a short survey where input can be added, compiled and sent to the state.

If you would like that link emailed to you or a copy of the newsletter, call (505) 662-8920 and make a request or email