Fund Established To Assist Jemez Family Following Snow Squall Incident

The Llewelyn’s vehicle that was struck by a tree during Wednesday’s snow squall. Steve Llewelyn and his daughter, Sydney, were fortunate to survive the incident. Courtesy photo


Coworkers at Los Alamos National Laboratory have established a fund for Steve Llewelyn and his family following a tragic incident in Sandoval County during Wednesday’s snow squall.

Llewelyn and his young daughter, Sydney, were traveling to Los Alamos from the Jemez at around 6:30m a.m. in the high winds when his truck had a blowout. When he pulled over, a large tree fell on the truck, pinning Sydney in the back seat and injuring Steve.

Because of the remoteness of the location and the treacherous conditions throughout the area, it took much longer than normal for emergency services to be able to respond to the scene. After more than two hours in the freezing temperatures, Sydney was extracted from the vehicle using the jaws of life and they were both transported to UNM Hospital in Albuquerque and admitted with severe injuries.

Brittni Llewlyn told the Los Alamos Reporter Monday morning that Steve broke a rib and a vertebrae in his back. She said Sydney has a skull fracture, 12 staples on her head and a broken arm.

“They are feeling better but they are both very sore and are going to need more than six weeks for recovery,” she said.

“Any help that can be provided to the family for medical expenses, future medical needs and daily expenses are greatly appreciated,” said fundraiser organizer Mario Maestas. “All donations will be given to the family directly. Thank you for supporting this hardworking man and his family.”

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