Thoughts From The Farm: A Christmas To Remember

Moolander with a tire necklace celebrates the season. Photo by Sage Faulkner


For those who celebrate the upcoming Christmas holiday, it is a special time for memories.  The holiday is particularly wonderful for children.  I remember wanting a pair of navy-blue cowboy boots so much I could feel the soft leather on my feet, if they only would just show up under the tree!  I was 12, in the seventh grade, and these boots were going to be the answer to my every dream. 

My folks always managed to make Christmas special.  Lean years and years of abundance taught us to appreciate every thought sent our way.  They also enjoyed an opportunity to tease my brother and I on occasion and my steadfast desire for this pair of boots started them down a prank road… my dad began telling me that my mom wanted to get me a doll I had always wanted.  I was incredibly confused because it was not a doll I had ever wanted.  I didn’t need a doll.  I needed blue boots.  My parents would give me subtle hints that this was the year for the doll, and I began dreading the thought of receiving a doll when I was clearly grown up and needed this pair of boots.  I couldn’t imagine telling my friends that I got a doll for Christmas.  

Christmas morning came, and I saw under the tree nothing that looked remotely like a boot box.  In fact, stacked prominently was a gift that looked just like a doll packaged in bright Christmas wrap.  It was sitting there with my name on it as the featured piece.  I did not want to open it and to show my disappointment when I knew Christmas was about the thoughts and not the gift.  There was no way a pair of boots could fit in that box, so I knew my blue boot dreams were floating away.   As I opened the package, I readied myself for a fake smile.  And then, there, in the weirdly crafted box, was a folded up navy-blue cowboy boot!  I shrieked with complete joy and my family laughed at the whole situation.  It was the best Christmas ever; the blue boots were perfect. 

As you prepare for gift-giving, I hope it is memory-worthy.  With the exception of that pair of boots, and a few other items over the years, I don’t remember much on the gift side of the holidays.  I do remember the warmth of time spent together and my grandma Gigi’s homemade eggnog in the special crystal bowl.  I remember my family cooking together and appetizers as we laughed and sang and enjoyed each other.   

I hope you are able to enjoy this time and make some special memories.  I also hope laughter is a part of the mix for each of you!   May God’s blessings fill your hearts and homes.  Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and wishing you all a prosperous and joyful New Year.