‘I Found A Quilted Heart’ Movement Reaches Los Alamos

A beautiful quilted heart found outside Cottonwood on the Greens. Photo by Maire O’Neill/loslamosreporter.com


The Los Alamos Reporter was leaving the Cottonwood on the Greens restaurant last week when something hanging in one of the pine trees out front caught her eye. I was a beautiful quilted heart made of Christmas fabric. Attached to it was a little note that said, “I need a home. I Found A Quilted Heart. http://www.IFAQH.com #IFAQH’.

A review of the website found that the finder of a quilted heart gets to keep it but will never get to know who made it and placed it where it was found. On the website, someone else noted that they had found a quilted heart hanging on a Douglas fir while walking to their bus stop.

More than 300 hearts have been reported on the website as having been found in New Mexico as well as thousands of others around the world. The movement appears to be growing as more and more people get involved. The website notes that only 10-15 percent of quilted hearts found are reported. The Los Alamos Reporter diligently reported hers on the I Found A Quilted Heart Facebook page, which was one of the options.

If you are lucky enough to find a quilted heart in Los Alamos or White Rock, please send a photo to the Los Alamos Reporter.