County: Code Compliance Survey Open To Everyone


Los Alamos community members are encouraged to take a survey currently underway by the Los Alamos County Community Development Department (CDD) and its consultant DPS.  The survey is specifically seeking input on the County’s Chapter 18 Nuisance Code.  Open until Dec. 27, individuals can access the online survey by visiting the Chapter 18 Nuisance Code Update webpage.  CDD officials advise that the survey will work in most browsers with the exception of Internet Explorer. Weeds, outdoor storage, dilapidation, refuse and rubbish, and other threats to public health, safety, and welfare occurring on private property are all under this section of the code. Feedback from the public, a steering committee, and members of the Los Alamos County Community Development Advisory Board (CDAB) will help to inform CDD and DPS to:

  • Clarify the existing standards,
  • Improve overall organization and structure of the existing code,
  • Prioritize and classify nuisances,
  • Clarify code enforcement goals of Los Alamos County, and
  • Align code enforcement procedures of County priorities

Survey results will be analyzed and summarized in a report that will be made available to the public in early Feb. 22, 2022. CDD staff will present the findings to the County Council as part of the Chapter 18 update process. For more information, interested individuals can visit the Chapter 18 Nuisance Code Update webpage or call CDD at (505) 662-8120.