ESB Motion On Restricting Glyphosate Use On County Land


We, Nicolas Bock and Jasmina Demirovic, fully support the ESB motion on the restriction of glyphosate use on county land:

1) Require pesticide application information (including area to be sprayed and product) to be posted in one designated county website location 72 hours in advance whenever possible or within 24 hours of application for each application and for at least 6 months after the application including the Department of Agriculture Pesticide Application Record for the particular application.

2) Stop use of any herbicide containing glyphosate on County land.

3) Prioritize and support expansion of Integrative Pest Management efforts by relevant departments to continue to actively decrease the amount and frequency of chemical use
on County land.

Nicolas Bock, PhD and
Jasmina Demirovic, PharmD
Both active users of the athletic fields in Los Alamos.